September - Introduction to the Project and Tools

Grade 8 students:
  • introduced to digital citizenship through both online material and news items. Discussions in class.
  • will complete an online survey (barometer of digital citizenship amongst grade 8 students).
  • will become familiar with Wikispaces tools, citing sources and other websites and applications and that are required for Phase 1 of the project

October - Phase 1: Investigation and Research

Grade 8 students:
  • work in teams to investigate and research their Phase 1 topics and synthesize and analyze information.
  • post to the discussion
  • post audio and visual material
  • contribute to the Digiteen Compass Agreement
  • self-assessment of Phase 1 Action

The wiki eReference for each topic must be developed from a balanced point of view:
1. Overview/Description of the various aspects of the topic
2. Background of the topic including specific real examples
3. Social / ethical aspects of the topic including how real people and communities have been positively or negatively affected and legal implications.
4. Possible solutions to the problems that have emerged
5. Guideline(s) or rule(s) for students

November - Phase 2: School Action

  • Project actions planned and worked on
  • Actions.outcomes completed by end of month
  • Team reflection of Phase 2 School Action

Team Refection Meeting at the end of November

  • Review the action(s) taken and their impact
  • Consider what changes/additions would be necessary for future action(s)