Digiteens in the 21st Century and Digital Citizenship

The George Lucas Educational Foundation, publisher of Edutopia media, including Edutopia video, Edutopia magazine, and Edutopia.org, received a
grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to produce multimedia portraits of youth ages 8–18 who are deeply immersed in digital
media of all kinds: blogs, social networks, virtual environments, games, media making projects, and so on. These portraits are intended to provide an in-depth look at how young people are using new media for learning, socializing, and entertainment, giving adults insight into the new generation’s digital lives.

  • How does your digital life compare with those of Virginia below?
  • What kind of digital information or "digital trail" is Virginia creating that will be could be following her all of her life?
  • All online services collect personal information. Users also reveal personal information without thinking about it. What can Virginia do in order to protect her privacy?
  • What kind of "digital imprint" are you creating? Is it always respectful, responsible, ethical and legal?