Personal Message: Digiteen Compass Project

Our current school rules are out of date and do not effectively address digital citizenship. Everyone (students, teachers, administrators and parents) involved in our school community from primary school (K-5) and continuing through middle school (6-8) and upper school (9-12) need to support the ethical and responsible uses of computer-based technologies. We need a "Digiteen Compass" to guide our digital activities and raise awareness of "Digital Citizenship" in the school.

The best way for Grade 8 ICT students to lead the digital citizenship awareness program in our school is to work together in a collaborative environment. The Digiteen Compass Project will be developed in two phases. Grade 8 students in the first phase will investigate and research digital citizenship topics and then in the second phase take actions across the school. In the first phase all of the students will be divided into groups of 4 or 5 students to research the 9 topics relating to digital citizenship and post their findings on the wiki under the appropriate topic numbered 1 to 9. In the second phase, one member from each of the teams will work on one of the 4 actions listed below. That way every action team will be represented by an "expert" from each of the 9 topics. Please check the two teams that you are on so that you know which of the topics (1-9) you are working on and which of the actions (1-4) that you will be contributing to.

The success of our digital citizenship project depends on the involvement and commitment of every one of the 45 students in grade 8. Please check the calendar for relevant deadlines. You will be given some time in your ICT class to work on both phases of the Digiteen Compass Project. However, much of your research, posting to the wiki and developing the action will need to be done outside of class.

In the first phase it is important to respond to the postings of other students in your team so that your part of the wiki is well-researched and documented (see Help - Citing References). Before beginning the second phase, it will be important to get an overview of the information that has been collected on all 9 topics so that it can be effectively integrated into your action.

Your contributions to the project will be acknowledge by a mark determetermined from the rubrics for the team activities. Please be certain that you understand both the tasks for the teams that you are on and also the rubric for assessment.

If you have any questions about a posting on the wiki, please write a message on the wiki page, consult other team members using appropriate communication skills (see Help - Netiquette). If you have any question about the Digiteen Compass project itself, please consult your ICT teacher or myself.

Mrs. Haley Akmed

Head of ICT