8. Digital Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness are our physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world.
"Eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices are issues that need to be addressed in a new technological world. Beyond the physical issues are those of the psychological issues that are becoming more prevalent such as Internet addiction. Users need to be taught that there inherent dangers of technology. Digital Citizenship includes a culture where technology users are taught how to protect themselves through education and training."


Write a clear summary of what Digital Health and Wellness is about and highlight the key ideas as bullet points.

Background and Examples

Investigate Digital Health and Wellness i and write a clear summary providing relevant and actual examples from international sources.

Social and/or Ethical Impacts

Explore global social and/or ethical issues to do with Digital Health and Wellness i and provide a balanced descriptive summary of current and future impacts.


After analysing the impact that Digital Health and Wellness. is having socially and ethically, provide researched examples of likely solutions to the problems.

Rules to be added to Student Agreement for Digital Citizenship

Formulate clear and concise rules for the Student Agreement based on Digital Health and Wellness.


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