B. Actions in the Primary School

Review the information in topics 1-9 and determine what information would be relevant to Primary School children. Your first task will be to obtain the student agreement for Primary School children from Team A and send back to them suggestions for changes and additions.

Your team will be responsible for developing and implementing:
  1. sets of posters based on the Primary School Student Agreement a digital citizenship that can be displayed in the Primary School
  2. a program that will be delivered to Primary School children in grades K-2 and in grades 3-5 during their assembly period at the beginning of December.
You will also be expected to support the Day of Action being planned by Team A.

You will need to research actions that have already taken place in other schools to make Primary School children aware of digital citizenship. In your actions, the phrase "digital citizenship" will need to be explained. The following website shows the difference in approaches for students of various ages.

Research and Description of the Action

Describe in detail what action(s) you will do. Provide links to resources and any files that you have created.

Evidence from the Action

Include photos, video and other evidence to show and share what you have done.

Impact of the Action

From your team reflection meeting and postings on the Digiteen Compass Ning, what impact did your action have? (You may wish to survey and get feedback from participants.) To what extent did your action(s) have immediate impact? What is the anticipated long term impact of your action(s)?

Reflection about the Action and the Digiteen Project

From your team reflection meeting and postings on the Digiteen Compass Ning, to what extent was your action effective? What changes/additions would you propose if the action would be repeated? Are there any recommendations for additional actions?